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Date Added: 12th November 2019

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Channel: ITV


Fifties crime drama starring James Norton. When violence disrupts his quiet parish, clergyman Sydney Chambers is compelled to help. Teaming up with the local copper, he tackles murder with the power of law and the Lord.


Certificate: Contains some violence and scenes of a sexual nature.

Duration: 4 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (6 Ep), Season 2 (6 Ep), Season 3 (6 Ep), Season 4 (6 Ep)


Director: David O'neill, Edward Bennett, Jill Robertson, Tim Fywell, Stewart Svaasand, Rebecca Gatward, Harry Bradbeer, Rob Evans


Writer: Jess Williams, John Jackson, Jamie Crichton, Rachael New, Oliver Frampton, Joshua St Johnston, Daisy Coulam


Cast: Andrew Woodall, Ronnie Law, Antony Acheampong, Lorraine Ashbourne, Nicholas Tizzard, Tanya Franks, Dinesh Sundran, Catherine Hamilton, Maggie Daniels, David Moorst, Samuel West, Geoffrey Mcgivern, Alix Ross, Olivia Ogilvie, Sam Barnard, Indica Watson, Robson Green, Seline Hizli, Flora Montgomery, Nathaniel Parker, Emma Corrin, Rob Witcomb, Samantha White, Eliza Bennett, Marilyn Cutts, Emily Bevan, Jim Creighton, Lukas Rolfe, Richard Syms, Chris Bearne, Matthew Tennyson, Nigel Cooke, Olivia Brady, Joseph Maudsley, Eoin Mccarthy, Perdita Weeks, Nigel Planer, Carlyss Peer, Neil Morrissey, George Somner, Jean Marsh, Tommy Mcdonnell, Charles Dale, Kassius Carey Johnson, Jemma Redgrave, Olivia Darnley, Alfie Field, Holly Ellis, Struan Rodger, Dominic Herman-day, Sam Hoare, Geoff Mcgivern, Felix Scott, Candis Nergaard, Helen Clyro, Carolina Main, Matthew Jure, Katharine Bennett-fox, Nicholas Rowe, Eileen Davies, Ossian Perret, Pippa Nixon, Andrew Knott, Simona Brown, Mark Bonnar, Katie Clarkson-hill, Nick Sidi, Charlie Hamble, Sian Webber, Emma Appleton, Rosie Day, Gillian Mccutcheon, Christian Mckay, Kathryn O'reilly, Ukweli Roach, Lea Jackson, John Voce, Brian Vernel, Leon Rolfe, Gary Beadle, Christopher Fulford, Samuel Blenkin, Natalie Klamar, Wayne Foskett, Gracie Brooke, Richard Cunningham, Joseph Greenlaw, Ted Reilly, Gregory Floy, Mike Noble, Nakay Kpaka, Nicky Henson, Peter Egan, Sofia Oxenham, Nick Brimble, Hugh Dickson, Alex Hassell, Liz White, Tom Turner, Rob Oldfield, Frankie Wilson, Emma Davies, Natasha O'keeffe, Adrian Lukis, Eve Ponsonby, Morven Christie, Robert Portal, Michael Shaeffer, Zoe Telford, Becky Bullman, Joseph Millson, Lourdes Faberes, Emma Hindle, Steve Toussaint, Penny Layden, Claudie Blakley, Adrian Bower, Tom Austen, Alexa Davies, Tessa Peake-jones, Michael Simkins, Joe Jameson, Oliver Dimsdale, Sandra Teles, Gregg Lowe, Flora Nicholson, Geoffrey Burton, Susannah Harker, Charlie Higson, Al Weaver, Elliot Levey, Ciara Charteris, Simon Lawson, Ewan Mitchell, Ellie Bindman, Kieran O'brien, Rachel Pickup, Holly Aston, Andrew Bicknell, Harry Hadden-paton, Ross Waiton, Rory Fleck Byrne, Thomas Christian, Darius Greenlaw, Camilla Marie Beeput, Beth Lilly, Pip Torrens, Darryl Dale, Patrick Baladi, Marli Siu, Nell Williams, Alice Bailey Johnson, Isla Blair, Tim Mcmullan, Skye Degruttola, Lisa Diveney, Peter Davison, Tom Knight, Parth Thakerar, Tok Stephen, Sia Berkeley, Christopher Fairbank, Pheline Roggan, Joe Claflin, Paul Nicholls, Jeremy Neumark Jones, Diarmaid Murtagh, Simon Lennon, Lucy Black, Kit Connor, Rachel Shelley, David Troughton, Neil Jackson, Josie Bloom, James Norton, Ian Conningham, Natasha Cottriall, Imogen Byron, Lorne Macfadyen, Paterson Joseph, Holly Aird, Bradley Hall, Richard Dixon, Andy Beckwith, Simon Harrison, Skye Lucia Degruttola, Lee Williams, Kirsty J. Curtis, Isabella Marshall, Kacey Ainsworth, Sam Frenchum, Niall Usher, Paul Hilton, Fiona Button, Michelle Duncan, Adam James, Ian Davies, Simon Bubb, Joe Ferrera, Sarah Crowden, Tom Brittney, Josh Bolt


Production & Season Details:

Status: Returning Series

"Grantchester" is a TV show produced by Lovely Day. The show was originally broadcast on ITV (United Kingdom) and premiered on October 6th 2014. So far there have been 7 seasons (comprising of 44 episodes) of "Grantchester". The most recent episode aired on April 15th 2022 and more seasons are expected in the future.

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