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Upstairs, Downstairs



Date Added: 9th July 2021

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   12/11/2019: Added to BritBox

   09/07/2021: Removed from BritBox

   09/07/2021: Streaming Again



Channel: ITV


BAFTA-winning drama created by Dame Eileen Atkins and Jean Marsh. Follow the turbulent lives of the Bellamy clan and their servants in the early 1900s. Amidst huge political and social change, everyday family issues play out.



Duration: 5 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (13 Ep), Season 2 (13 Ep), Season 3 (13 Ep), Season 4 (13 Ep), Season 5 (16 Ep)


Director: Derek Bennett, Joan Kemp Welch, Lionel Harris, Cyril Coke, Simon Langton, Herbert Wise, James Ormerod, Richard Marson, Christopher Hudson, Christopher Hodson, Bill Bain, Chris Hudson, Brian Parker, Raymond Menmuir


Writer: Anthony Skene, Jeremy Paul, Raymond Bowers, Maureen Duffy, Fay Weldon, Alfred Shaughnessy, Deborah Mortimer, Rosemary Anne Sisson, John Harrison, Elizabeth Jane Howard, Rosemary A Sisson, Terence Brady, John Hawkesworth, Peter Wildeblood, Julian Bond, Charlotte Bingham, Fay Welson


Cast: James Rothwell, Mairhi Russell, Gertan Klauber, Jean Marsh, John Horsley, Charlotte Simmonds, Alastair Hunter, Alfred Amron, Claire Nielson, Horst Janson, Patricia Macrae, Richard Owens, Tom Marshall, L M Ashley, Raymond J Barry, John Gabriel, Jay Neill, David Strong, Georgine Anderson, Lesley-anne Down, Joan Sanderson, Mike Fields, Caroline Hall, Robin Sachs, Harold Bennett, Robin Bailey, Jan Baxter, Colin Cunningham, Ian Ogilvy, Betty England, John Malcolm, Roy Pattison, Patricia Hamilton, Fanny Rowe, Evin Crowley, Nicola Pagett, Derek Martin, John Alderton, Hannah Gordon, Ian Hoare, Robert Swann, Elvi Hale, Helena Mccarthy, Leon Sinden, Edward Underdown, Roy Pearce, Keith Jayne, Laurie Portugal, Michael Guest, John Flint, Gillian Hills, Phyllida Law, Pauline Collins, Lesley Hand, Robin Ford, Jess Willard, Frank Tregear, Anton Rodgers, Barbara Atkinson, Edward Harvey, Polly Adams, Jennifer Mcevoy, Raymond Huntley, Walter Horsbrugh, Keith Ashley, Graeme Leaman, Gordon Jackson, Lilian Padmore, Richard Vernon, Jennifer Armitage, Lindsay Campbell, Barry Stanton, Leonard Trolley, Denis Mccarthy, John Crocker, Janet Lees Price, John Nettleton, Sarah Twist, Anthony Woodruff, Lisa Moss, Peter Whitaker, Bryan Coleman, Philip Lennard, Kevin Moran, Patsy Smart, Christopher Beeny, Celia Bannerman, Mitzi Mckenzie, Yolande Turner, Rosamund Greenwood, Tom Chatto, Tracey Childs, Andrew Pitcher, John Breslin, Anthony Sharp, Ian Dewar, Celia Imrie, Karen Dotrice, Una Brandon, Lala Lloyd, Patricia Lawrence, Deddie Davies, Tricia Scott, George Inness, Nigel Havers, Nicholas Hunter, Karen Glaser, Alec Mango, Tommy Wright, Christopher Biggins, Aimée Delamain, Elizabeth Day, Angela Badleley, Joanna Robbins, Jim Delaney, Martin Wimbush, Dennis Blanch, Avril Fane, Robert Hardy, James Woolley, Jonathan Phillips, Peter Clay, Julia Schofield, Bill Burridge, Alister Williamson, John Normington, Georgina Hale, Anthony Nash, Nancie Jackson, Peter Honri, Wendy Clifford, Donald Burton, Richard King, Yvette Rey, Jessica Benton, Jack Watson, Virginia Clay, Patsy Crowther, Kenneth Thornett, Geoffrey Lumsden, Valerie White, Natalie Caron, Venetia Maxwell, Julian Hudson, Daphne Lawson, Julia Sutton, Eileen Way, Pat Nye, Andrew Downie, Laurence Harrington, Dorothy Black, Jack Le White, John Quayle, Lesley Anne Down, Joyce Windsor, Robert Hartley, Cyril Cross, Shirley Little, David Cleeve, Sven Bertil Taube, Veronica Doran, Madeleine Cannon, Auriol Smith, Edward Palmer, Patsy Blower, Paul Alexander, Helen Lindsay, James Wooley, Frank Middlemass, Dan Gillian, Robert Mcbain, Trevor Wedlock, Peter Sproule, Ailsa Grahame, Shirley Cain, Moray Watson, Luisa Dennis, Gillian Lind, Ann Mitchell, George Iness, Sandor Eles, Seymour Green, Kenneth Watson, Pippa Page, Christopher Wray, Jonathan Seely, Veronica Lang, Kate Coleridge, Elma Soiron, Jane Carr, Daphne Heard, Meg Wynn Owen, Cathleen Nesbitt, Bernard Archard, Sue Crossland, Syliva Brayshay, David Goodland, Victor Langley, Peter Myers, James Bree, Nicholas Young, Janie Booth, Barrie Cookson, Arthur Brough, Larry Martyn, Trevor Ray, Edward Hammond, Mary Kenton, Michael Logan, Christopher Benjamin, Neville Barber, David Kernan, Harold Innocent, John Lyons, Betty Romaine, Peter Cellier, Richenda Carey, Osmund Bullock, Jacqueline Tong, Margot Boyd, Barbara Bermel, Joan Benham, Winifred Sabine, Geroge Innes, Lockwood West, Desmond Perry, Deirdre Costello, Hilary Minster, Anthony Dawes, Kim Hardy, Thomas Heathcote, Anthony Andrews, Rex Robinson, Marcia Ashton, Angela Baddeley, Valerie Lush, Bill Horsley, Tony Bateman, Chris Good, Alethea Charlton, Sylvia Delap, Freda Dowie, Charles Gray, Peter Forest, Keith Barron, Polly Williams, Barbara Bolton, Brian Badcoe, Jenny Tomasin, Kenneth Macdonald, Neville Hughes, Sheila Vivian, Angela Brown, Colin Rix, Amanda Walker, Simon Williams, Miles Bennett, Brian Osborne, Carl Bernard, Andre Charisse, Robin Wentworth, Susan Penhaligon, Andrew Ray, Margaretta Scott, Jill Goldston, Tony Aitken, Susan Porrett, Maggie Wells, Ann Martin, Annette Woollett, Giles Watling, Donald Stratford, Elaine Donnelly, Marsha Fitzalan, Clive Morton, Anne Tirard, Rowland Davies, Martin Gordon, John Caesar, David Langton, Frank Duncan, Brian Nolan, John Scott Martin, Bernard Barnsley, Mel Churcher, John Kidd, Gerald Cross, Ursula Howells, Leonard Kavanagh, Paul Haley, Anthony Ainley, Angela Walker, Noel Luscombe, Christopher Moran, Geoffrey Whitehead, Richard Reeves, Terence Bayler, Rachel Gurney, Timothy Peters, Charles Lamb, Roger Avon, Joyce Heron, Audrey Maye, Anglea Baddeley, Anne Yarker, Gareth Hunt, Dorothy Frere, Jean Marsh, Nicola Pagett, Christopher Beeny, Fay Weldon, Alfred Shaughnessy, John Hawkesworth, Meg Wynn Owen, Jacqueline Tong, Jenny Tomasin, Simon Williams


Production & Season Details:

Status: Ended

"Upstairs, Downstairs" was originally broadcast on BBC One (United Kingdom) and premiered on December 26th 2010. "Upstairs, Downstairs" ended after 2 seasons and a total of 9 episodes. The final episode aired on March 25th 2012.

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