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Unfortunately "Cracker" is no longer available to stream on BritBox in the UK. It may return in the future but we don't know when... Sorry!

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Date Added: 12th November 2019

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Date Removed: 26th February 2024

Available for: 52 months



Channel: ITV


Robbie Coltrane stars as 'Fitz' Fitzgerald – a deeply flawed but brilliant psychologist – in this Bafta-winning drama. An expert at understanding criminal minds, he's called on to solve the toughest cases. Meanwhile, his home life is a mess.


Certificate: Contains graphic, bloody crime scenes from the start and frequent use of moderate language.

Duration: 3 Seasons

Seasons: Season 1 (7 Ep), Season 2 (9 Ep), Season 3 (7 Ep)


Director: Tim Fywell, Roy Battersby, Michael Winterbottom, Simon Cellan Jones, Julian Jarrold, Andy Wilson, Charles Mcdougall, Jean Stewart


Writer: Jimmy Mcgovern, Ted Whitehead, Paul Abbott


Cast: Ai T Kossy, Angela Wynter, Alan David, Tony Xu, Daryl Fishwick, Fine Time Fontayne, Isobel Middleton, Rose English, Ellie Haddington, Lottie Ward, Jon Huyton, Kim Vithana, Frances Tomelty, Ann Francis, Susan Vidler, Clare Beck, Mark Lambert, Biddy Hodson, June Broughton, Don Henderson, Gemma Phoenix, Eddie Peel, Maureen O'brien, Andy Abrahams, Shango Baku, Adrian Dunbar, Roger Sloman, Aisling O'sullivan, Amelia Bullmore, John Mcardle, Rob Palmer, Ron Meadows, Anthony Lewis, Tom Urwin, Trevyn Mcdowell, Danny Davies, Edward Peel, John Henshaw, Kenneth Gilbert, Kay Purcell, Doc O'brien, Kathy Jamieson, Andrew Whyment, Kerry Shale, John Capps, Geraldine Somerville, Fiona Allen, Wesley Cook, Vincent Davies, Louise Downie, Samantha Morton, Kevin Quarmby, Owen Aaronovitch, Beryl Reid, Carla Richee, Stephen Tomlin, Vanessa Kirkpatrick, Andrew Knott, Jane Lowe, Jeffrey Robert, Claire Hackett, Andy Devine, Ewen Cummings, Clive Russell, Rosa Roberts, Geoffrey Hutchings, Ryan Cooper, Claire Stephanie Hardacre, Ina Clough, Elaine Heywood, Dan Armour, Cherith Mellor, Amanda Loy Ellis, Kika Markham, David Haig, Luke Scott Edwards, Gavin Muir, Iain Mitchell, Nelson Fletcher, Jackie Downey, Christopher Fulford, Larry Waller, Dave Bond, Katherine Dow Blyton, Nicholas Blane, Marian Mcloughlin, Stan Finni, Linda Henry, Emma Cunniffe, Seamus O'neill, Graham Aggrey, Colin Tierney, Alan Partington, Johnny Leeze, Rosemary Martin, Peter Lorenzelli, Susan Lynch, Tony Rohr, Philippa Howell, Frankie Jordan, Rodney Litchfield, Will Knightley, Patti Love, Badi Uzzaman, Polly Hemingway, Robert Carlyle, Jane Wheldon, Jeffrey Longmore, Gemma Peacock Wood, Diane Adderley, Tony Barton, Barbara Young, Liam Cunningham, Rachel Davies, Ken Christiansen, Ludmilla Vuli, James Fleet, Wilbert Johnson, Marc Seymour, Steve Money, Susie Yannis, Jonathan Bridge, Andrew Tiernan, John Simm, Romy Baskerville, Philip Childs, Brid Brennan, James Quinn, Katie Purslow, Beth Goddard, Kieran O'brien, Ricky Tomlinson, Kelvin Fletcher, Lee Hartney, Alan Maher, Nicholas Woodeson, Owen Brenman, John Langford, Paul Copley, Kevin Dignam, Ian Curtis, Darren Tighe, Darren Brown, Julie Westwood, Tess Thomson, Sunetra Sarker, Marianne Jean Baptiste, Liz Estensen, David Calder, Carol Kidd, Robert Cavanah, Jan Linnik, John Vine, Andrew Readman, Joe Simpson, Andrew Brittain, Sharon Percy, Glyn Grain, Gerard O'hare, Tess Thompson, Paul Barber, Ruth Sheen, Lorcan Cranitch, Nick Fry, John Graham Davies, John Pickles, Rebecca Clay, Barbara Flynn, Fleur Bennett, Christopher Eccleston, Mike Kelly, Robbie Coltrane, Anna Welsh, Hetta Charnley, Tony Peers, Rosemary Chamney, Tracy Gillman, Martin Pearson, David Crellin, Samia Ghadie, Keith Ladd, Dave Hill, Julie Saunders, Dominic Rigby, Peter Faulkner, Jack Randle, Stefan Escreet, Paulette Constable, Alexander Newland, David Holt, Tim Healy, Renny Krupinski, Jim Carter, Sandra Gough, Leanne Molloy, Annette Ekblom, John Grillo, Emily Joyce, Peter Clifford, Diane O'kelly, Jim Whelan, Ron Donachie, Ian Mercer, John Middleton


Production & Season Details:

Status: Ended

"Cracker" is a TV show produced by Granada Television. The show was originally broadcast on ITV1 (United Kingdom) and premiered on September 27th 1993. "Cracker" ended after 3 seasons and a total of 23 episodes. The final episode aired on November 27th 1995.

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