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The Bay



Date Added: 12th November 2019

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   12/11/2019: 1 Season ()

   21/05/2022: 3 Seasons ()



Channel: ITV


Morven Christie (S1-2) and Marsha Thomason (S3) star in this twisty crime drama. A family liaison officer helps solve complex cases around Morecambe Bay while grappling with the demands of family life.


Certificate: With scenes of a sexual nature at the start and strong language.

Duration: 3 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (6 Ep), Season 2 (6 Ep), Season 3 (6 Ep)


Director: Robert Quinn, Lee Haven Jones, Julia Ford, Nicole Volavka, Faye Gilbert


Writer: Daragh Carville, Kate O'riordan, Sally Tatchell, Furquan Akhtar


Cast: Matthew Mcnulty, Morven Christie, Erin Shanagher, Gino Nicholson, Joshua Grant, Angela Bain, Anne Hornby, Jade Greyful, Lindsey Coulson, Julia Haworth, Hazel Ellerby, Colin Parry, Geoff Dixon, Rachael Hayden, Amer Nazir, Adam C Booth, Adam Hussain, Reece Douglas, Ciaran Griffiths, Lucy Hillyard, Darci Shaw, Liam Mccheyne, Rachel Dale, Andrew Dowbiggin, Louis Greatorex, Paul Adeyefa, Tommy Egan, Thomas Law, Enid Dunn, Maximus Evans, Charles Daish, Paul Warriner, Val Tagger, Michelle Parker, David Lonsdale, Jonas Armstrong, Sean Croke, Amy James-kelly, Jag Sanghera, Steven Robertson, Taheen Modak, Sebastian Shaw, Arian Nik, Ellie Duckles, Corin Silva, Simon Manyonda, Daniel Ryan, Wendy Kweh, Nisha Nayar, Steven Elder, David Hounslow, Sian Breckin, James Quinn, Leart Dokle, Tom Collins, Sharon Small, Marsha Thomason, Leo Ashton, Melanie Ash, Noah Valentine, Andrew Dowbigging, Jordan Mifsud, Alexandra D'sa, Leah Baskaran, Owen Mcdonnell, Lauren Nicole Mayes, Marc Geoffrey, Vanessa Rosenthal, Kelcie Atkinson, Kerrie Taylor, Imogen King, Ciara Adams, Gurjeet Singh, Simone Holmes, Zaraah Abrahams, James Cosmo, Joe Absolom, Nigel Hastings, Martha Niklas, Orla Cottingham, Martina Laird, Tracie Bennett, Emily Pyzer, Art Parkinson, Curtis Cole, Jack Archer, Roger Barclay, Sunetra Sarker, Erin Shanager, Aleksandar Mikic, Philip Hill-pearson, Adam Long, Chanel Cresswell, Richard Huw, Stephen Tompkinson, Colin Alltree, Aisha Brunt, Sean Perkins, Stephen Allchim, Leon Butterworth, Nigel Black, Geoff Holland, Clea Kapadia, Matt Pennington, Joseph Capocci, Freya Paterson, Nathan Armstrong, Jake Giles, Taylor Dee Higgins, Holly Sheals, Daniel Lavin, Aaron Watts, Karen Allen, John Mcilhatton, Michael Hodgkins, Alexander Clare, Damien Whittam, Andy Heaton, Una Bird, Nathan Doyle, Nicola Jayne Coonan, Tony Green, Andy Oldfield, Rachael Davies, Brenda Seville, Georgia Scholes, John Trella, Kay Maynard, Benjamin Phillips, Katie Wood, Ozgur Cetin, Christian Gilbart, Michelle Banks, Gary Loker, Linda Murphy, Michael Barlow, Luke Charnley, Paul Mcnicholas, Nigel Dyson, Nigel Wilcock, Christopher Ben, Julie Nichols, Aleandra Starksey, Steve Driver, Josh Malkin, Lisa Spinelli, Shephen Threfall, Liam Miller, Andy Smales, Jake Gales, Carole Lindberg, Mark Storey, Richard Price, David Wordsworth, John North, Yui-may Cheung, Neil Parkinson, Christopher Messina, Janine Coyne, Eloise Edwards, Samantha Kaye, Phil Baggaley, Jordan Hulme, Alexandra Lenihan, Lisa Dudley, Ekaterina Stefanovich, Alexis Newby, Meg Marshall, Jordan Middlebrook, Gabriella Abbandandolo, Greg Hulme, Billy Mansell, Grant Crookes, Jon Slater, Helen Clifford, Simon Guest, Robert Prendergast, Catherine Guest, Joanne Parry, Pamela Baker, Amy Harris, Aarom Watts, Mark Childs, Andrew Maddock, Jennifer Taylor, Suzi Williamson, Martyn Frost, Heike Spamer, Matthew Fessey, Bianca Rudman, Lele Wong, Jeremy Blades, Wayne Henshall, Alex Shaqif, David Forbes, Valarie Campbell, Damiian Whitton, Paul Walton, Jayne Pacitto, John Rafferty, Carl Reid, Bart Milben, Valerie Campbell, Steve Marshall, Andrew Heaton, Jacqueline Rowen, Andrew Forster, Lesley Falveyn, Matthias Mwanje, Charlie De Santis, Jakki Moore, Tahira Mohammed, Rio Lamont, Emma Matthews, Conor Lowson, Zora Bishop, Ben Cartwright, Mark Stanley, Gina Fillingham, Molly Mcglynn, Jenny Platt, Barry Sloane, Javed Khan, Gary Lewis, Emme Haynes, Vincent Regan, Adam Astill, Isabel Caswell, Oliver Alvin-wilson, Melissa Jane Sinden, Jacob Butler, Michael Karim, Jamie Smelt, Rebecca Lacey, Nadeem Islam, Deepica Stephen, Noah Burd, Craig Hodgkinson, Bobby Brown, Rina Mahoney, Gemma Ryan, Ash Tandon, Simon Smithies, Joel Phillimore, Zahra Ahmadi, David Carpenter, Anna Chell, Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana, Sarah Groarke, Nicole Evans, Macaulay Cooper, Paddy Rowan, Kathryn Cunliffe, Sam Wild, Shaban Dar, Sophie Elliott, Rachael Hilton


Production & Box Office Details:

"The Bay" was produced by Baltimore Pictures, Hydraulx, Automatik Entertainment, Blumhouse Productions, Haunted Movies and Solana Films. With it's initial release on September 13th 2012 it made approximately $0.03m at the Box Office.

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