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Ferne McCann: First Time Mum



Date Added: 4th June 2020

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   04/06/2020: 4 Seasons ()

   09/06/2022: 5 Seasons ()



Channel: ITV


One of TOWIE's best-loved characters faces her biggest challenge yet as she becomes a parent. There are tears, tantrums and lots of laughter along the way as Ferne adjusts to life as a single mum in the spotlight. New episodes every Tuesday.


Certificate: With some strong language.

Duration: 5 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 2 (3 Ep), Season 3 (3 Ep), Season 5 (4 Ep), Season 6 (4 Ep), Season 7 (8 Ep)


Director: Sarah Phillips


Cast: Naomi Hodgson, Rosie Williams, Oliver Rackam, Mandeep Salh, Iain Stirling, Zoe Eggleton, Laura Hills, Sophie Richardson, Amie Koppen, Sarah Brick, Samantha Faiers, Natalie Moody, Tom Edney, Charlotte Hawkins, Liz Towers, Tamara Cianfini, Megan Robbie, Gemma Collins, Reece Chapman, Billie Shepherd, Steve Jones, Natasha Rogers, Louise Adel, Emily Moore, Chris Riley, Luke Miles, Bethan Sowerby, Chanel Campbell, Hannah Kettle, Jacqueline Kilikita, Leisha Maloney, Tracey Scott, Ellie Harrison, Kate Boswell, Richard Arnold, Sarrah Hamid, Melissa Sophia, Sarrah (ferne's Hairdresser)%, Sophie Turner, Sarah Forsyth, Sienna Holland, Connor Sisk, Tony Warp, Kyle Asante, Pamela Browne, Shrima Patel, Stephanie Turp, Becky Miesner, Yoshiko Soho, Demi Bailey, Megan Walford, Sunday Mccann, Mario Falcone, Chloe Flack, Bilal Mahmood, Alison Hemmings, Jenny Bullivant, Laura Mcbride, Danielle Longhurst, Paul Knops, Sarrah (ferne's Haird%%block%maresser)%, Stephanie Pratt, Mikey Philips, Jess Poelman, Lisa Board, Ellis Ranson, Sarrah (ferne's Hairdresser), Frank Kemp, Ciaran Weal, Stefan Clarke, Katrina King, Charlene Cooper, Sarrah (ferne's Haird%block%maresser), Carly Hay, Sophie Mccann, Caz Dyer, Alex James, Kayleigh Mccallum, Mike Camms, Jose Prieto, Orla Armstrong, Lindsay Laight, Jess Wright, Annie Simpson, Casper Friend, Polly Marchant, Peter Lloyd, Felicity Carroll, Jake Canham, Nelly Shepherd, Elle Lee, Eyal Booker, Anthony Roberts, Neil Skinner, Sarah Hamid, Marlow Child, Lottie Holland, Seema Malmotra, Alfie Koppen, Casey Moss, Lindsay Reid, Nicola Thorp, Laura Wellington, James J, Laura Jackson, Marie Fitzgerald, Alice Clayton, James Argent, Lisa Davis, Simon Waldock, Ronnie Richardson, John Kemp, Claire Huskisson, Andrea Thornton, Prodar Ktaria, Ashley Ryder, Emily Capell, Olivia Attwood, Laura Boswell, Yasmin Friend, Carl Cuard, Ellie Hopley, Danielle Armstrong, George Powell, Antonio Milevcic, Rob Eyles, Arthur Shepherd, Alana Anderson, Sophie Friend, Davina Bowden, Billie Faiers, Eleanor Hopley, Jerri Blackburn, Ken Mckay, Hannah Hyde, Andrea Panetta, Paige Brooks, Amber Barrow, Sarah Newnham, Sundae Mccann, Cath Bishop, Kim Mckfolun, Maria Kyle, Lauren Barwick, Lorna Roach, Chris Bisson, Angus Crowther, Stacey Chapman, Ferne Mccann, Haruki Uomura, Constantino Armocide, Wendy Rigg, Denny Clements, Stacey Millbura, Leisa Maloney, Son Sohya, Lauren Barclay, Saffron Lempriere, Josh Aarons, Michael Phillips, Tony Roberts, Tanya Bardsley, Casper Carrier, Leah Covus, Brian Mcfadden, Sara Cox, Dan Charity, Kristina Mack, Ruth Langsford, Anne Jeffery, Sarah Cooper, Charlotte Crisp, Rob Pinlon, Monica Gaga, Paige Selby, Chris James, Chineze Otigbah, Tom Gribby, Grandad Francis, Vicky Patterson, Tracey Campagna, Anneliese Sid, Sandra Mccann, Chris Turner, Brenda Daniels, Matthew Newbury, Jospeh Boxall, Nicola Lewis, Sarrah (ferne's Haird%maresser)%, Becky Miesher, Miho Akasaka, Helen Glover, Bronagh Meere, Suzanne Elliot, Melanie Tabazo, Rosie Knightley, Wendy Ireland, Kelsey Neale, Jordan Hames, Fleur East, Orla Mae Edney, Edie Sanders, Ranald Macdonald, Grandad Mccann, Chenade Rome, Laura Williams, Joycelyn Viray, Margaret Goddard, Linda Hamilton, Andy Booth, Amy Yeo, Kathy Horton, Francis Mccann, Nicola Hall, Renae Dawes, Lucy Monnoyer, Carle Fardy, Olive Sanders, Ben Heap, Abi Bygrave, Sarrah Hamis, Jose Jodaz Pezez, Benji Rom, Alex Faiers, Mojo Stewart, Zahra Suleman, Jay Birmingham, Sam Faiers, Reever Walker, Denis O'neil, Orla-may Edney, Claire Husisson, Hallie Holland, Jon Clarke, Liam Gatsby Blackwell, Gemma Brooks, Rebecca Spencer, Ian Richardson, Elliot Wright, Jacki Barnsdale, Nelly Faiers, Orquidea P, Vicky Rothwell, Mina Jahromi, Catherine Farrer, Karis Taylor, Naomi Child, Muhammed Asarar, Polly Greenfield, Mimi Child, Charlotte Robertson, Shannan Steme, Charlie Brake, Eamonn Holmes, Paula Mollis, Hannah Coughlin, James Cracknell, Sid Boyle, Chris Clark, Vicky Pattinson, Chloe Holland, Pod Crowther, Mikey Phillips, Isabell Kristensen, Suzie Narden, Daisy Fox, Natasha Hamilton, Rosie Ingle, Philip Chavannes, Paul Jnr Knightley, Charlotte Dono, Perrie Edwards, Natalie Ticehurst, Megan Elliott, Chris Hughes, James Silk, Rohan Pasari, Victoria Mulqueen, Carol Noris, Alan Rotmena, Charlotte Gregory, Lynne Bay, Gill Mccann, Ann Currie, Dominic Seeley, Abbie Walker, Carl Cunard, Cass Child, Saffron Lemprice, Ellie Hopely, Steve Redgrave, Elizabeth Taylor, Terry Hill, Julie Hill, Laura Armstrong, Katherine Kelsing, Sophie Dunnage, Jools Holland, Amanda Jenner, Martin Kristensen, Rachel Buck, Rebecca Hayman, Jack Padgett, Mariya Stoyanou, Stacy Milburn, Jenna Sargeant, Jessica Payne, Emily Griggs, Jade Moore, O'neil Mcdowall, Sergio Floir, Francis Kemp, Helen Griggs, Mark Vanderpump, Louise Laird, Claire Anstey, Sam Slatter, Nicole Moore, Jordan Bailey, Greg Shepherd, Reeya Avani, Polly Childs, Amy Childs, Katie Anderson, Matt Newbery, Mark Hayman, Gillian Mccann, Matt Hill, Jodi Sims, Louise Johnson, Samuel Marshall, Nana Cheampony, Arran Borril, Alan Gittos, Kayleigh Veale, Chris Eddy, Jenny Newton, Mark Humphreys, Beth Neil, Gary Rose, Kirsty Hendey, Zoe Chatrath, Dominique Kent, Chloe Hurst, Hannah Stone, Iain Leslie, Jaydene Kerton, Vicky Pattison, Ian Wells, Dominic Bekes, Bill Baily, Lucy Smith, Parker Jax Falcone, Nesli Aksu, Sean Erwood, Michelle Bone, Duncan Smith, James Hildlitch, Annie Reid, Matthew Austen, Adrian Martin, Huda Okuonghae, Danielle Beauis Smith, Fiona Ng, Matthew Starkowski, Gary Rowland, Danni Boshell, Sheldeen David, Tom Burton, Sophie England, Charlotte Adams, Sunday's Leaving Party, Chantelle Cable, Jerome Finch, Charlotte Iris Cable, Iby Water, Hayley Harvey, Max Denham, Sam Faires, Carl Jackson




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