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Mr Selfridge



Date Added: 1st January 1970

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Channel: ITV


Thrilling period drama about the incredible story of London’s best-known store, starring Jeremy Piven. When an ambitious Harry Selfridge lands in London from Chicago, he’s set on creating the most exciting shopping experience the world has ever seen.



Duration: 4 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (10 Ep), Season 2 (10 Ep), Season 3 (10 Ep), Season 4 (10 Ep)


Director: Robert Evans, Bill Anderson, Jon Jones, Joss Agnew, Anthony Byrne, Lawrence Till, Fraser Macdonald, Michael Keillor, Rob Evans, Robert Del Maestro, Jon Strickland, John Strickland


Writer: Kate Brooke, Andrew Davies, Helen Raynor, Kate O'riordan, Ben Morris, Dan Sefton, Hamish Wright, Matt Jones, James Payne


Cast: Jude Willoughby, Raffey Cassidy, Nicola Millbank, Gareth Kieran Jones, Greg Austin, Billy Barratt, Trystan Gravelle, Xavier Lemaitre, Freya Wilson, Paul Clayton, Kell Ward, David Holt, Leon Ockenden, Samuel West, Madeleine Potter, Millie Brady, Sam Swann, Vincenzo Nicoli, Andrew Macklin, Jessica Madsen, Sai Bennett, Sam Attwater, Tim Lewis, Christopher Ettridge, Amir Giles, Tom Goodman-hill, Sophia Carr-gomm, Sam Battersea, Anton Blake, Sacha Parkinson, Joanna Christie, Sadie Shimmin, Pippa Haywood, Amanda Lawrence, Sophie Holland, Sophie May Wake, Daisy Ridley, Will Payne, Frances O'connor, Ron Cook, Prue Clarke, Ben Righton, Charlie Buckland, Daniel Kendrick, Ray Macallan, Tom Mannion, Naomi Ryan, Terence Harvey, Tom Russell, Leonardo Dickens, Orlando Seale, Iain Mckee, Pandora Colin, Mark Dexter, Sean Teale, Christopher Birks, David Peart, Tom Carter, Anna Madeley, Sevan Stephan, Kerry Shale, Ian Houghton, Brendan Gibson, Emily Keston, Connie Hyde, Rebecca Tanwen, Lauren Grace, Mimi Ndiweni, Sara Stewart, Raymond Coulthard, Luke Newton, Josephine De La Baume, Cal Macaninch, Guy Williams, Laura-jane Keston, Max Gell, Christopher Hunter, Florence Stephenson, Nick Moran, Thomas Christian, Kim Barry, Amy Morgan, Clare Wilkie, Timothy Watson, Bob Golding, Michael Byers, Kika Markham, John Arthur, Beverley Klein, Felicity Grimes, Robert Morgan, Oliver Dimsdale, Polly Walker, Mike Noble, Kate Batter, Su Douglas, Katherine Kelly, Simon Roberts, Natalia Kremen, Cassie Compton, Jalaal Hartley, Lisa Eichhorn, Robert Pugh, Archie Clarke, Leila Crerar, Jay Villiers, Ally Goldbert, Alexander Cobb, Aisling Loftus, Zoe Wanamaker, Jenny White, Philip Rosch, Ross Armstrong, Thomas Nelstrop, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Alan Turkington, Brooke Cadagan Cumrul, Anthony Howell, Simeon Willis, Emma Hamilton, Shaughan Seymour, Gina Bramhill, Amy Dolan, Simon Slater, Michael Peter Willis, Richard Rycroft, Alana Boden, Ali Cook, Daniel Betts, Emmanuel Suarez, Oliver Farnworth, Christian Patterson, Sacha Dhawan, Aidan Mcardle, Leon Okenden, Jamie Wilkes, Michael Joseph, Amy Beth Hayes, Todd Boyce, Edmund Kente, Malcolm Rennie, David Calder, Sean Campion, Andrea Deck, Joanna Brookes, Jamie Satterwaite, Matthew Ashforde, Brayd Sugden, Angeline Ball, Georgia Clark, Zoe Richards, Ian Gelder, Kim Thomson, Alfie Boe, Catherine Bailey, Lottie Tolhurst, Roger Ringrose, John Sessions, Kelly Adams, Edward Akrout, Paul Lancaster, Calum Callaghan, Sam Gittins, Therese Bradley, Kate Bowes Renna, Ria Zmitrowicz, Jamie Bradley, Richard Braine, Hannah Tointon, Craig Fletcher, Bentley Kalu, James Richard Marshall, Ian Ashpitel, John Rowe, Jonathan Howard, Stephanie Jacob, Lauren Crace, Giles Taylor, Carl Mccrystal, Amanda Abbington, Wendy Nottingham, Rocky Marshall, Abigail Eames, Mitchell Hunt, Deborah Cornelius, Victor Gardener, Crystal Leaity, Gregory Fitoussi, Adam Wilson, Jolyon Coy, Poppy Lee Friar, Joseph Alessi, Michael Maloney, Cynthia Ervio, Sean Hennessy, Ally Goldberg, Aaron Vodovoz, Joey Price, Denise Hoey, Kara Tointon, Dominic Winn, Vincent Riotta, Madlena Nedeva, Matthew Wilson, Joanna Bobin, Will Tudor, Tim Woodward, Zoe Tapper, Sarah Mowat, Jeremy Piven, Jake Thompson, Daniel Fine, Jack Benjamin, Lisa Jackson, Joseph Beattie, Emanuel Suarez, Heather Bleasdale, Denise Mack, Michael Brandon, Simon Chandler


Production & Season Details:

Status: Ended

"Mr Selfridge" is a TV show produced by ITV Studios and Masterpiece. The show was originally broadcast on PBS (United States) and ITV1 (United Kingdom) and premiered on January 6th 2013. "Mr Selfridge" ended after 4 seasons and a total of 40 episodes. The final episode aired on March 11th 2016.

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