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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)



Date Added: 20th August 2020

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   20/08/2020: 1 Season (Deceased)

   19/03/2021: 1 Season (Deceased)



Channel: ITV


Mike Pratt and Kenneth Cope star as private eyes in this comic crime drama. When Marty Hopkirk gets killed, he reappears as a ghost - much to his poor partner's surprise. Still, it’s handy to have an otherworldly being on hand in this line of work.



Year: Deceased

Duration: 1 Season

Available Seasons: Season 1 (26 Ep)


Director: Robert Tronson, Ray Austin, Leslie Norman, Paul Dickson, Jeremy Summers, Roy Ward Baker, Cyril Frankel


Writer: Ray Austin, Tony Williamson, Donald James, Mike Pratt, Ian Wilson, Gerald Kelsey, Ralph Smart


Cast: William Kendall, Judith Arthy, Carol Cleveland, Jack Macgowran, Neal Arden, Leslie Schofield, John Sharp, Richard Owens, Charles Morgan, Drew Henley, Nicholas Courtney, Nicholas Chagrin, Christopher Eedy, Kevin Smith, Geoffrey King, Michael Graham, David Stoll, Susan Vaughan, Romo Gorrara, Terry Duggan, Henry Davies, Philip James, Neil Mccallum, Patrick Holt, Mary Merrall, Susan Broderick, Keith Buckley, John Collin, Bessie Love, Alfred Burke, Paddy Ryan, Clare Jenkins, Michael Forrest, Michael Goldie, Timothy West, Michael Radford, Geoffrey Hughes, Patrick Newell, Rosemary Donnelly, Juliet Harmer, Tenniel Evans, Ron Pember, Peter Lellier, Hilary Wontner, Walter Sparrow, Roger Delgado, Neil Mccarthy, Ken Watson, Brian Oulton, Hans De Vries, Anton Rodgers, Doris Hare, Carol Dilworth, Keith Grenville, Penny Brahms, George Howe, John Glyn Jones, Cyril Shaps, Brian Blessed, John Harvey, Kenneth Cope, Larry Taylor, David Gargill, Dermot Kelly, Billy Cornelius, John Hallam, David Lodge, John Arnatt, Tracey Crisp, Grazina Frame, Peter Jones, Olga Lowe, Garfield Morgan, Philip Lennard, Tom Chatto, Olivia Hamnett, Cyril Renison, William Dysart, Howard Goorney, John Hughes, Terry Plummer, Robert Russell, Harry Locke, George A Cooper, Michael Bent, Norman Bird, Dudley Jones, David Sinclair, Gwen Nelson, Marie Makino, Frederick Treves, Betty Woolfe, John Rae, Simon Barnes, Madge Ryan, Cyril Luckham, Dave Carter, Alex Scott, Tony Steedman, Harold Berens, Patrick Jordan, Clifford Earl, Nigel Terry, Basil Dignam, Peter Jay Elliot, Ingrid Sylvester, John Richmond, Max Faulkner, Clifford Evans, Robin Hawdon, David Healy, Arnold Diamond, Billy Milton, Joyce Carey, Anthony Baird, Basil Clarke, Dudley Sutton, Meredith Edwards, Ray Brooks, George Sewell, Richard Kerley, Don Vernon, James Bilchamber, John Walker, Paul Bertoya, David Downer, Patrick Barr, Richard Pescud, Donald Morley, Harry Hutchinson, Victor Maddern, Joby Blanshard, Edward Brayshaw, Mike Pratt, Kataja Wyeth, George Murcell, Barrie Ingham, Carol Rachelle, Ian Butler, Duncan Lamont, Robin John, Patrick Connor, Earl Green, Michael Gothard, Ann Castle, Jack Lambert, Reginald Marsh, Raymond Young, Michael Goodliffe, Dick Bentley, Martin Carrol, Frances Bennett, Clive Gazes, Gabrielle Brune, John Fraser, Lois Maxwell, Alexandra Bastedo, Maurice Hedley, Philip Weston, Gerald Flood, David Bauer, David Jason, Peter Stephens, Adrienne Corri, Ronald Radd, Jan Rossini, Geoffrey Reed, Arthur Brough, Michael Gwynn, Stuart Hoyle, James Bree, Maggie London, Anne De Vigier, Caroline Blakiston, Peter Lawrence, Freddie Jones, Denise Buckley, Colin Van Cao, Edward Caddick, Jack Woolgar, Harold Innocent, Chris Gannon, Ivor Dean, Jeremy Burnham, Linda Cole, Stanley Meadows, Freda Jackson, Peter Jesson, John Boxer, Anne Sharp, Paul Maxwell, Charles Lloyd Pack, Michael Griffiths, Nik Zaran, William Squire, Ronald Lacey, Thomas Heathcote, William Mervyn, Tom Bowman, Roger Croucher, Eva Enger, Michael Foster, Anthony Sagar, Bill Reed, Les White, Bernard Kay, James Culliford, Richard Caldicot, Reg Lye, Michael Coles, Sue Gerrard, Kieron Moore, Michael Gover, Keith Barron, Beverly Winn, Valerie Leon, A J Brown, Patricia Haines, Colin Rix, John Bryans, Clifford Cox, Noel Davis, Peter Hughes, Jeremy Young, Hilary Tindall, Michael Bird, David Forbes, John Gazadon, Makki Marseilles, Raymond Adamson, Gary Watson, Bruce Beeby, Tricia Chapman, Adrian Ropes, Tony Thawnton, Peter Vaughan, Norman Beaton, Dolores Mantez, Alan Gifford, Dudley Foster, John Garvin, Annette Andre, James Donnelly, Norman Eshley, Philip Madoc, Danny Green, Sue Lloyd, David Webb, John Styles, Edina Ronay, John Kidd, John Bott, Marjorie Rhodes, Jane Merrow, George Lee, Veronica Carlson, John A Tinn, Nosher Powell, Charles Lamb, Roger Avon, Alan Macnaughtan, Graham Armitage, Roy Desmond, Anthony Marlowe, Michael Ripper, Michael Sheard, Ronald Curram, Eric Dodson, Frank Windsor, Liz Fraser, Felix Aylmer, Andrew Sachs


Production & Season Details:

Status: Ended

"Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" was originally broadcast on BBC One (United Kingdom) and premiered on March 18th 2000. "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" ended after 2 seasons and a total of 13 episodes. The final episode aired on November 10th 2001.

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