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Date Added: 11th March 2021

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   20/08/2020: Added to BritBox

   11/03/2021: Removed from BritBox

   11/03/2021: Streaming Again



Channel: ITV


From the creators of Thunderbird’s comes this intergalactic action thriller. In a dystopian future, Earth’s defence teams valiantly try to protect their planet from attack by evil aliens.


Certificate: Contains mild violence and explosions.

Duration: 1 Season

Available Seasons: Season 1 (26 Ep)


Director: Ken Turner, David Lane, Alan Perry, David Tomblin, Cyril Frankel, Ron Appleton, Gerry Anderson


Writer: Tony Barwick, Dennis Spooner, Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, Alan Fennell, David Tomblin, Bob Bell, Ian Scott Stewart, Donald James, David Lane, Ruric Powell, Terence Feely


Cast: Royston Rowe, Tom Adams, Jean Marsh, Gary Myers, Tracy Reed, Antonia Ellis, Andrea Allan, Philip Latham, Allan Cuthbertson, Windsor Davies, Robert Grange, Suzanne Neve, Robin Bailey, Anthony Chinn, Suzan Farmer, Wanda Ventham, Robert Sherman, Michael Ferrand, Mary Merrall, Jimmy Winston, Sonia Cox, David Courtland, Michael Billington, Dr Frank E Stranges, Stanley Mcgeogh, Ralph Bell, Alexis Kanner, Burnell Tucker, Robert Swann, John Stratton, Deborah Stanford, Douglas Nottage, Jeremy Wilkin, Percy Edwards, David Weston, Tutte Lemkow, Frank Tregear, Rosemary Donnelly, Ron Pember, Patrick Mower, Andrea Allen, Keith Grenville, Fredric Abbott, Hugo Panczak, Alan Tilvern, Hans De Vries, Tom Oliver, Robert Howay, Christian Roberts, Alan Haywood, Richard Vernon, Ray Armstrong, Larry Taylor, Clive Endersby, David Savile, Pippa Steel, Conrad Phillips, Shane Rimmer, Michael Jayston, John Breslin, Peter Davies, Steve Cory, Mark Hawkins, Barry Stokes, Deborah Grant, Jack Hedley, Norton Clarke, Fred Real, Richard Poore, Jnos Kurucz, Eleanor Summerfield, Christopher Robbie, Roland Culver, Nigel Lambert, Quinn O'hara, Ayshea Brough, David Sumner, Patrick Jordan, Mark Griffith, Stephanie Beacham, Oscar James, Michael Nightingale, Ed Bishop, James Beckett, David Daker, Douglas Wilmer, Basil Dignam, Peter Gordeno, Robin Hawdon, Tessa Wyatt, Neil Hallett, Michael Glover, Paul Greaves, David Healy, Stephan Chase, Gerald Norman, Gary Raymond, Hugh Armstrong, Paul Gillard, John Garrie, Georgina Moon, Drewe Henley, George Sewell, Harry Baird, Derren Nesbitt, Nigel Gregory, Barnaby Shaw, Basil Moss, Mike Pratt, Louise Pajo, Robert Lloyd, Michael Mundell, Grant Taylor, Jon Kelley, Matthew Robertson, Vladek Sheybal, Lois Maxwell, Anouska Hempel, Donald Tandy, David Collings, Malcolm Reynolds, Nancy Nevinson, Russell Anpier, George Cole, David Cargill, Keith Bell, Adrienne Corri, Mark York, Jack May, John Golightly, Stuart Damon, Georgina Cookson, Norma Ronald, Derek Steen, John Lyons, James Marcus, David Warbeck, John Cobner, Charles Tingwell, Kirsten Lindholm, Colin Gordon, Christopher Timothy, Paul Maxwell, Richard Aylen, Gordon Sterne, Geraldine Moffatt, Steven Berkoff, Edwin Richfield, Bill Morgan, Peter Blythe, Richard Caldicot, Sue Gerrard, Al Mancini, Shakira Baksh, Clinton Greyn, Julian Grant, Gary Files, Paula Li Shiu, Keith Alexander, Joseph Morris, John C Carney, Penny Jackson, Noel Davis, Matt Zimmerman, Gabrielle Drake, Alex Davion, Michael Kilgarriff, Craig Hunter, Paul Tamarin, Hein Viljoen, Richard Montez, Arthur Cox, Jean Vladon, Maxwell Shaw, Gito Santana, John Levene, James Cosmo, Dolores Mantez, Peter Dolphin, Peter Halliday, Geoffrey Hinsliff, Peter Burton, Patrick Allen, Philip Madoc, Mike Stevens, Gerald Cross, Alan Tucker, Rona Newton-john, Gavin Campbell, Frank Mann, Penny Spencer, Louisa Rabaiotti, Donald Pelmer, Jane Merrow, Aiden Murphy, Dennis Plenty, Godfrey James, Paul Greenhalgh, Jack Silk, Susan Jameson


Production & Box Office Details:

"UFO" was produced by Story Mining & Supply Company and was originally released on September 4th 2018.

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