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The Avengers



Date Added: 1st January 1970

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   10/09/2020: Added to BritBox

   03/12/2021: Removed from BritBox

   01/07/2022: Streaming Again



Channel: ITV


Stylish 60s cult classic following the adventures of bowler-hatted secret agent John Steed, ably assisted by Emma Peel and Tara King. Includes two rarely seen episodes from the first series.



Duration: 4 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (2 Ep), Season 4 (26 Ep), Season 5 (24 Ep), Season 6 (33 Ep)


Director: Don Sharp, Ray Austin, Leslie Norman, Philip Levene, Robert Fuest, Roy Ward Baker, Gordon Flemyng, Robert Asher, Charles Chrichton, James Hill, Peter Duffell, Peter Sykes, John Hough, Cyril Frankel, John Krish, Sidney Hayers, Don Chaffey, Roy Rossotti, Cliff Owen, Paul Dickson, Charles Crichton, John Llewellyn Moxey, Robert Day


Writer: Dennis Spooner, Alan Pattillo, Jeremy Scott, Malcolm Hulke, Tony Williamson, Gordon Flemyng, Robert Day, Dave Freeman, Jeremy Burnham, Leigh Vance, Anthony Marriott, Michael Winder, Philip Levene, Donald James, Roger Marshall, Terry Nation, Brian Clemens, Terrance Dicks, Richard Harris


Cast: Brian Wilde, Timothy Bateson, John Sharp, Richard Owens, Aimi Macdonald, Valerie Van Ost, Harvey Hall, Geoffrey Bayldon, Patrick Macnee, Nicholas Courtney, Brian Haines, Aj Brown, David Gregory, Rio Fanning, Allan Cuthbertson, James Maxwell, Annette Carell, George Merritt, Clive Dunn, Peter Thomas, Peter J Elliott, Ian Ogilvy, Terry Richards, Julian Glover, Patricia English, Ricardo Montez, Norman Chappell, Ann Hamilton, Francis Matthews, Roy Patrick, Peter Bowles, Keith Buckley, Rocky Taylor, Ann Sidney, Penelope Keith, James Hayter, Edward Underdown, Colin Blakely, Ruth Trouncer, Howard Marion-crawford, Ronald Hines, Noel Coleman, Patrick Newell, Tim Barrett, Joseph Greig, Tony Caunter, Neil Mccarthy, Hilary Wonter, Vernon Dobtcheff, Dyson Lovell, Dinny Powell, Ron Moody, Brian Blessed, Richard Leech, John Crocker, John Nettleton, Reg Pritchard, Yootha Joyce, John Wood, Kenneth Cope, Yolande Turner, Jimmy Jewel, Robert Flemyng, David Lodge, Terence Maidment, Garfield Morgan, Andrew Laurence, Roger Hammond, Langton Jones, Edward Burnham, Leslie Crwaford, John Bennett, Michael Forest, Jonathan Elsom, Philippe Monnet, Philip Levene, Peter Jeffrey, Nicholas Smith, Eric Flynn, Joanna Vogel, John Laurie, Roland Culver, Frederick Treves, Nigel Lambert, John Chandos, Warren Mitchell, Jack Gwillim, Christopher Lee, John Phillips, Nigel Rideout, John Junkin, Peter Clay, Michael Nightingale, Alister Williamson, Jack Watson, Clifford Earl, Simon Oates, Michael Rothwell, Peter Wyngarde, Norman Bowler, Roy Kinnear, Liam Redmond, Sheila Fearn, Pauline Delaney, Clifford Evans, Paul Eddington, John Ronane, Derek Newark, Arnold Diamond, Gerry Crampton, David Glover, Margaret Neale, Irene Bradshaw, Ricahrd Curnock, Richard Caldicott, Peter Dennis, Jennifer Croxton, Ray Brooks, Judy Parfitt, John Garrie, Barbara Shelley, Edwin Apps, Patrick Barr, Drewe Henley, Ilona Rodgers, Paul Dawkins, Isa Miranda, Leslie French, Arthur Lowe, Lyndon Brook, Terence Alexander, Fulton Mackay, Clive Colin-bowler, Peter Barkworth, Frederick Jaeger, William Lucas, Declan Mulholland, Anthony Dutton, Roger Booth, Cardew Robinson, Michael Gough, Peter Cushing, George Murcell, Barrie Ingham, Sandor Eles, Linda Thorsen, John G Heller, Jeremy Lloyd, Donald Sutherland, Pamela Ann Davy, Dennis Price, William Fox, Terence Plummer, Anna Quayle, Michael Latimer, Terry Yorke, Donald Pickering, Ronnie Barker, Gary Bond, Ronald Radd, Christopher Benjamin, Geoffrey Reed, Michel Faure, Johnny Sekka, Paul Hardwick, Eric Woofe, John Laurimore, Peter Reynolds, Ivor Dean, Freddie Jones, Jeremy Burnham, Gerald Sim, Charlotte Rampling, Caroline Blakiston, David Kernan, Edward Caddick, Jack Woolgar, Philip Locke, Trevor Bannister, Sally Nesbitt, Stanley Meadows, Charles Tingwell, Gary Hope, Andrew Keir, Alan Chuntz, Robert Cawdron, Anneke Wills, Stratford Jones, Jon Pertwee, Neil Hallet, Dinsdale Landen, Ronald Lacey, Anthony Dawes, Joanne Dainton, Edwin Richfield, Linda Thorson, Kenneth J Warren, Christopher Greatorex, John Hollis, Peter Blythe, Michael Coles, Geoffrey Chater, Penny Bird, Nicole Shelby, Malcolm Taylor, Anthony Valentine, Arnold Ridley, Jack Macgown, Phillip Ross, Ray Mcanally, Frank Maher, Stefan Gryff, Clifford Cox, Geoffrey Summer, Noel Davis, Leon Greene, Gabrielle Drake, Enid Lorimer, Patricia Haines, Jeremy Young, Imogen Hassall, Marijke Mann, Hugh Manning, Campbell Singer, Yole Marinelli, Kevin Stoney, Cecil Parker, Patrick Cargill, Karen Ford, Nigel Davenport, John Lee, Dudley Foster, Bernard Horsfall, Peter Vaughan, Nigel Green, Cynthia Bizeray, William Lyon Brown, Isla Blair, Bill Wallis, John Moore, David Langton, Philip Madoc, Colin Jeavons, John Carter, Geoffrey Colville, Redmond Phillips, Jane Merrow, Moira Lister, Diana Rigg, John Baker, Nosher Powell, John Stone, Marne Maitland, Graham Armitage


Production & Box Office Details:

"The Avengers" was produced by Marvel Studios with a budget of $220m. With it's initial release on April 25th 2012 it made approximately $1.52bn at the Box Office.

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