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The Persuaders!



Date Added: 1st January 1970

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Channel: ITV


Roger Moore & Tony Curtis star in this epic 70s adventure show about two wealthy, and pretty bored, playboys drawn into a life of danger. Together they seek justice in an unjust world while enjoying some pretty swanky hotels and supercars.



Duration: 1 Season

Available Seasons: Season 1 (24 Ep)


Director: Sidney Hayers, David Greene, Leslie Norman, Peter Medak, Val Guest, Peter Hunt, Basil Dearden, James Hill, Roy Ward Baker, Gerald Mayer, Roger Moore


Writer: Tony Barwick, Milton S Gelman, Tony Williamson, Val Guest, Donald James, Harry H Junkin, David Wolfe, Walter Black, Peter Yeldham, John Kruse, Terry Nation, Terence Feely, Michael Pertwee, Brian Clemens


Cast: Vivian Neves, Tom Adams, Harvey Hall, Jean Marsh, Patrick Troughton, Frank Gatliff, Carol Cleveland, Catherine Schell, Neal Arden, Tommy Godfrey, Georgina Simpson, Colin Vancao, Larry Storch, Allan Cuthbertson, Veronica Hurst, George Merritt, John Acheson, Katherine Kessey, Geoffrey Toone, Hannah Gordon, Timothy Parkes, Ricardo Montez, Peter Bowles, Nicola Pagett, Kate O'mara, Peter Sallis, Morris Perry, Patrick Newell, Tim Barrett, Juliet Harmer, Roger Delgado, Diana Terry, Robert Hutton, Michael Segal, Susan George, Helena Ross, Cyril Shaps, Walter Horsbrugh, Karen Kessey, Christian Roberts, Margaret Nolan, John Kelland, Harold Goldblatt, Ralph Bates, Richard Vernon, Suzy Kendall, Griffith Jones, Tony Doonan, John Alderson, David Neal, Shane Rimmer, Robert Flemyng, Garfield Morgan, Vicki Woolf, Moultrie Kelsall, Richard Burrell, Clifton Jones, Olga Lowe, Joss Ackland, Anna Brett, George Woodbridge, Brian Jackson, Susan Farmer, Robert Russell, Terence Morgan, Tony Curtis, Anna Palk, Prunella Ransome, Peter Forbes-robertson, Bruno Barnabe, Stephen Greif, Ian Hendry, William Rushton, Tony Wright, Geoffrey Keen, Diane Cilento, John Phillips, Roland Culver, Ed Devereaux, Cyd Hayman, Victor Platt, Leslie Crawford, James Beckett, Marianne Stone, Michael Godfrey, Patrick Jordan, Cy Grant, Leo Genn, Deborah Moore, Alex Scott, Thorley Walters, Suzanna Leigh, Neil Hallett, Jennie Linden, Jasmina Hilton, Terence Sewards, John Ronane, Derek Newark, David Healy, Arnold Diamond, Rose Alba, Michael Anthony, Graham Weston, J M Bay, Glynn Edwards, Noel Willman, Geraldine Moffat, Derren Nesbitt, Terence Alexander, Lionel Blair, Sean Lynch, Frederick Jaeger, Penny Sugg, Gary Cockrell, George Baker, Madeline Smith, Charles Houston, Ian Thompson, Penelope Horner, George Murcell, William Marlowe, Duncan Lamont, Patrick Connor, Bernard Lee, David Rees, Robert Rietty, Ferdy Mayne, Laurence Naismith, Reginald Marsh, Raymond Young, Michael Mcstay, Lois Maxwell, Anouska Hempel, Sarah Lawson, Donald Pickering, Denys Peek, John Orchard, Michael Balfour, Michael Culver, Kit Taylor, John Moreno, Terence Edmond, David Cargill, Arthur Brough, Tim Goodman, Gladys Cooper, James Bree, Tony Bonner, Anne De Vigier, Harold Innocent, Sinead Cusack, Jeremy Burnham, Jeremy Child, Gerald Sim, Patrick O'connell, Ivor Dean, Vivienne Ventura, Andrew Keir, Talfryn Thomas, Rosemary Nichols, Yutte Stensgaard, Stanley Meadows, Jenny Hanley, Kirsten Lindholm, Michael Martin, Michael Wynne, Anna Gael, Robert Cawdron, Kenneth J Warren, Christopher Coll, Gary Redmond, Joanne Dainton, Basil Digman, Peter Gilmore, William Mervyn, Clive Cazes, Arnold Ridley, Christopher Sandford, Joesph Furst, Robert Gallico, Sam Kydd, Richard Hurndall, Frank Maher, Elliott Sullivan, John Glyn-jones, Leon Greene, Valerie Leon, Melissa Stribling, Magda Konopka, Lionel Murton, Imogen Hassall, Hugh Manning, Campbell Singer, Yuri Borienko, Paul Whitsun-jones, Denholm Elliot, Maxwell Shaw, Russ Henderson, Joan Collins, James Cosmo, Julie Crosthwaite, Dudley Foster, Bernard Horsfall, Terry Thomas, Peter Vaughan, Nigel Green, Jean Driant, Annette Andre, Carl Bohen, Sue Lloyd, June Ritchie, Alfred Marks, Hugo De Vernier, Carmen Munroe, Roger Moore, John Cairney, George Roderick, Brian Hayes, Neil Wilson, John Stone, Michael Sheard, Johnny Briggs


Production & Season Details:

Status: Ended

"The Persuaders!" is a TV show produced by ITC Entertainment. The show was originally broadcast on ITV1 (United Kingdom) and premiered on September 17th 1971. "The Persuaders!" ended after 1 seasons and a total of 24 episodes. The final episode aired on February 25th 1972.

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