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Date Added: 20th May 2021

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Channel: ITV


Detective Superintendent Wycliffe heads an investigating team of officers brought in to solve the most intriguing of murder cases on the magnificent and windswept Cornish coast in the far South-West of England.


Certificate: Contains some violence, crime scenes and moderate language.

Duration: 2 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (6 Ep), Season 2 (8 Ep)


Director: Martyn Friend, Pennant Roberts, Michael Owen Morris, Ferdinand Fairfax, Patrick Lau, A J Quinn, Steve Goldie, Alan Wareing, Michael Brayshaw, Michael Bartley, Graeme Harper, David Innes Edwards, Jack Shepherd, Paul Harrison, John Glenister


Writer: Julia Jones, Julian Jones, Edward Canfor Dumas, Sian Orrells, Tom Needham, Peter J Hammond, Jonathan Rich, Isabelle Grey, Steve Trafford, Patrick Harkins, Rob Heyland, Phillip O'shea, Arthur Mckenzie, Scott Cherry, Kevin Clarke, John Milne, Russell Lewis, Carolyn Sally Jones, Andrew Holden


Cast: Finetime Fontayne, Philip Glenister, Geoffrey Larder, John Abbott, John Castle, Barry Jackson, David Sterne, Joseph Bennett, Fiona England, Simon Molloy, Ian Keith, Dinah Stabb, Georgine Anderson, Mary Wimbush, Richard Cubison, Charlotte Coleman, Carole Nimmons, James Faulkner, Peter Settelen, Lesley Duff, Jeff Nuttall, Mike Attwell, Josephine Butler, Matthew Mitchell, Clive Francis, Marc Warren, Richard Heffer, Leslie Grantham, Greg Chisolm, Roger Heathcott, Neil Newbon, Robert Demeger, Heidi Monsen, Helen Griffin, Stephanie Buttle, Rachel Preece, Anne Stallybrass, Jack Shepherd, Ken Watson, Elizabeth Rider, John Shrapnel, Chas Bryer, Calum Macpherson, Peter Stockbridge, Jerry Scanlan, Gwen Taylor, April Walker, Tim Munro, Leonie Mellinger, Hubert Rees, David Firth, Celia Breckin, David Westhead, Gabrielle Hamilton, Alan Stocks, Greg Chrisholm, James Curran, Kate Byers, Julia Deakin, Adam Barker, Con O'neill, Ralph Watson, Shelagh Mcleod, Peter Jonfield, Ron Mills, Lucy Fleming, Pauline Turner, Glen Marks, Roger Sloman, Richard Moore, Lynn Farleigh, Kay Frosdick, Thomas Lockyer, Adie Allen, Patrick Jordan, Nigel Terry, Helen Masters, Laura Brattan, Stephen Tate, Chris Humphries, Lucy Fontaine, Jimmy Yuill, Brigit Forsyth, Morgan Jones, Paul Moriarty, Frank Doherty, Jan Graveson, John Wheatley, Jeremy Clyde, Kevin Dignam, Belinda Sinclair, Mairead Carty, Norman Gregory, John Flanagan, Tim Treslove, Steve Jacobs, Paul Bettan, Stevan Rimkus, David Nicholls, David Bliss, Lou Wakefield, John Joyce, Michael Nardone, Cristian Solimeno, Mark Jefferies, David Albion, Tim Wylton, Chris Jury, Kevin Quarmby, Marian Mcloughlin, Julie Neubert, Sean Chapman, Sharon Duce, Jimmy Yull, Emmett Bergin, Gerard Horan, Annette Bentley, Timothy Carlton, David Bradley, Charles De'ath, Hilary Mason, Anthony Smee, David Bamber, Leonard Smith, Peter Harding, Flip Webster, Geoffrey Leesley, Mark Letheren, Brian Croucher, Simon Cook, Nicholas Gecks, Martin Herdman, Jo Thirsk, Lucy Cohu, Andrew Bicknell, Michael Attwell, Christopher Ashley, Jane Galloway, David Shaw, Pandora Ormsby Gore, John Mcenery, Richenda Carey, Bill Nighy, Siri Neal, Deon Stewardson, Terry Arnold, Rory Wilton, Bill Cashmore, Roy Alon, Dugald Bruce Lockhart, Bernard Gallagher, Susan Fleetwood, Aaron Harris, Kristin Hewson, Frances White, Dee Sadler, Catherine Mccormack, Gemma Jones, Paul Venables, Daniel Moynihan, Giles Taylor, Dean Harris, Sally Watts, Rupam Maxwell, John Cassady, William Petrie, Ellie Haddington, Sammy Johnson, Ann Beach, Rachel Shelley, Robin Sneller, Susan Penhaligon, Ben Mangham, Kenneth Bryans, Susan Derrick, Jeff Rawle, Charlie Hayes, Tim Faraday, John Vine, John Carter, Cathryn Harrison, Jack Ellis, Jan Pearson, Brendan O'hea, Jane Slavin, Tony Guilfoyle, Sidney Livingstone, Carla Mendonca, Jo-anne Stockham, Kevin Molloy, Susan Wooldridge, John Turner, Emily Hamilton, Eric Deacon, Scott Ransom, Stephen Tompkinson




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