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Blue Murder



Date Added: 24th February 2022

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Channel: ITV


Caroline Quentin stars as the single mum & cop in this twisty crime drama. For DCI Janine Lewis, life is a constant juggling act as she balances a hectic family life with her demanding job solving murder cases.


Certificate: Contains the aftermath of knife violence and use of moderate language.

Duration: 5 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (2 Ep), Season 2 (4 Ep), Season 3 (4 Ep), Season 4 (3 Ep), Season 5 (6 Ep)


Director: Graham Theakston, Paul Wroblewski, Alex Pillai, David Drury, Sue Tully, Menhaj Huda, Suri Krishnamma, Pip Broughton, Juliet May


Writer: John Fay, Neil Jones, Matthew Hall, Roy Mitchell, Susan Oudot, Cath Staincliffe, Steve Griffiths, Jeff Povey, Colin Macdonald, Elizabeth-anne Wheal


Cast: Emma Gill, Tina O'brien, Emily Atack, Colin Wells, Lee Oakes, Vera Filtatova, Lee Boardman, Stuart Wolfenden, Chad Shepherd, Stephen Chapman, Rachel Grant, Gavin Paul, Victoria Plum, Elizabeth Thomson, Simon Molloy, Kinky Bosco, Claire Hackett, Ceallach Spellman, Paul Loughran, Humayoun Al-rahid, Hazel Ellerby, Geff Francis, Malcolm Tomlinson, Teo-wa Vuong, Andy Darbyshire, Siobhan Finneran, Lucinda Raikes, Zoie Kennedy, Chris Hall, Caroline O'neill, Sam Derbyshire, Mark Stratton, Kevin Davids, Rachel Brogan, John Jardine, Andrew Abrahams, Ciaran Griffiths, Sophie Rickman, Neill Bell, Ralph Ineson, Richard Hoyle, Liam Garrigan, Louise Delamere, Wyllie Longmore, Julie Brown, Renu Setna, Laura Molyneux, Sushil Chudasama, Louise Emerick, Pauline Daniels, Andrew Dunn, Steve Garti, Joe Tucker, Aleksander Mikic, Kenny Doughty, Rachel Fielding, Eve Steele, Lynsey Baxter, Robert Maxfield, Harley Bartles, Shelley Conn, Geoff Holman, Sarah Byng, Christine Bottomley, Adam Robinson, Davinia Anderson, Ian Marr, Carol Starks, Chloe Giblin, Carolyn Backhouse, Robert Longden, Marit V Kile, Ben Mckay, Tracey Briggs, Sarah Parks, Conrad Nelson, Adam Kotz, Declan Wilson, Gillian Kearney, Kate Maravan, Alex Lawler, Heather Peace, Amber Rose Sealey, Jason Watkins, Lara Cazalet, Nick Reding, Caitlin Brett, Philip Mcginley, Andonis Anthony, Gary Cargill, Mia Smith, Richard Sinnott, Luke Malbly, Belinda Everett, Nina Fog, Jennifer Hennessy, Neil Fitzmaurice, Mary Jo Randle, Mary Healy, Karen Asemper, Roger Morlidge, Andrew Turner, Dinah Handley, Richard Fleeshman, Jason Furnival, Benedict Power, Keeley Forsyth, Thomas Craig, Roshan Seth, Deborah Brian, Amy Searles, Gemma Clarke, Guy Warburton, Denis Conlon, Frank J Launder, Eden Garrity, Naomi Bentley, Clive Cooper, Michael Winniczuk, Ian Kelsey, Norman Mills, Joan Blackham, Sylvia Sims, Lee Ingleby, Danny Lawrence, Ksenia Lavrentieva, Jacqueline Naylor, Liz Banks, Ann Aris, Peter Ash, Danny Sapani, Maxine Burth, Daniel Ryan, Matt Rutter, Ash Tandon, Brendan Coyle, Jude Vause, Ace Bhatti, Robbie Gee, Duane Henry, Nicholas Sidi, Luke Bailey, Jean Stevens, Paul Kynman, Rachel Priest, Larner Taylor, Geoff Bretton, Chike Chan, Nicola Maxfield, Katy Cavanagh, Leah Duval, Chris Coghill, Eamonn Riley, Rad Kaim, Brittany Ashworth, Paul Gabriel, William Travis, Rachid Sabriti, Marian Mcloughlin, Lisa Millett, Felicity Grant, Benjamin Robinson, Mary Healey, James Green, Kenny Thompson, Jeni Williams, Paul Stocker, Sally Bretton, Rosy Clayton, Jane Relph, Maria Mescki, Freya Parker, Stephen Critchlow, Rachel Davies, Lucy Meacock, Will Tacey, Pete Lewis, Zoe Iqbal, Tim Barlow, Robert Horwell, Jordan Thomas, Rina Mahoney, Natalie Armstrong, Jenna Boyd, Nimmy March, Neil Mccaul, Tom Bell, Steve Hillman, Bryan Dick, Stephen Tomlin, Rhea Bailey, Jeremy Sheffield, Karl Haynes, Andrea Crewe, Angel Coulby, Paul-michael Giblin, Anthony Bessick, Liz Hume, Jim Carter, Anthony Flanagan, Rising Stars, Kirsty Doyle, Maggie O' Neill, Angela Murray, Paula Wilcox, Natasha Thompson-wild, Danny Cunningham, Jonathan Magnanti, Anthony Watson, James Nickerson, Thomas Mcgarva, Martin Oldfield, Rennie Krupinski, Kate Ford, Suraj Dass, Sudha Bhuchar, Perveen Hussain, Jason Ward, Darren Roberts, Natalia Keery-fisher, Everal Walsh, Catherine Jenkins, Ross Adams, Martin Walsh, John Mcardle, Nicholas Murchie, Kevin Doyle, Paul Venables, Caroline Quentin, Simon Williams, Peter Barich, Jill Halfpenny, Victoria Worsley, Simon Hayward, Chris Gascoyne, Steve Evets, Saskia Wickham, Liz White, Kevin Wathen, David Schofield, Maxine Finch, Lauren Drummond, Andrew Grose, Mark Benton, Adele Keating, Carla Henry, James Varley, Rosanna Brett, Lucy Gaskell, Susan Cookson, Holly Grainger, Matthew Wilson, Jack Ellis, Dean Andrews, Jo-anne Stockham, Michael Atkinson, Tariq Jordan, Nicky Bell, Philip Whitchurch, Harmage Singh Kalirai, Kieran O'brien, Jamie Lomas, Geoff Breton, Vinette Robinson, Andrew Mchugh, Louise Pout, Michael Dixon, Kevin Kennedy


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"Blue Murder"

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