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George and Mildred



Date Added: 9th March 2023

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Channel: ITV


Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce star as ill-matched married couple George and Mildred in this classic domestic sitcom. Mind you watch out for their snobbish neighbours...



Duration: 5 Seasons

Available Seasons: Season 1 (10 Ep), Season 2 (7 Ep), Season 3 (6 Ep), Season 4 (7 Ep), Season 5 (8 Ep)


Director: Peter Frazer-jones, Peter Frazer-jones


Writer: Brian Cooke, Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke, Johnnie Mortimer


Cast: Robert Gillespie, Michael Ripper, Gerald Case, Bella Emberg, Claire Davenport, Sheila Fearn, Eamonn Boyce, Tom Hardy, Robert Michaels, Leonard Woodrow, Harry Fowler, Nicholas Bond-owen, Sebastian Breaks, Jennifer Guy, Royston Tickner, Veida Draisey, Aimee Delamain, Gretchen Franklin, Peggy Sinclair, Roy Herrick, Dennis Ramsden, Stan Van, Peggy Aitchison, Peggy Aitchison, Nicholas Bond Owen, Lionel Murton, Claire Davenport, Mimi Debraie, Verne Morgan, Peggy Sinclair, James Bond, Eunice Black, Norman Eshley, Jean Marlow, Anthony Heaton, Tom Hardy, Michael Robbins, Edward Evans, Stella Moray, Bill Rourke, Tim Barrett, Gretchen Franklin, Jean Marlow, Verne Morgan, Ken Watson, Alister Williamson, George Malpas, Jean Rogers, Maxine Horne, Fredric Abbott, Michael Redfern, Sue Bond, Avril Elgar, Patricia Kneale, Trevor Baxter, Mimi De Braie, Yootha Joyce, John Harvey, Peter Quince, James Cosmo, Norman Mitchell, Roy Kinnear, Diana King, Peter Quince, Mike Lewin, Ivor Roberts, Jeremy Bulloch, Sandra Payne, Beatrix Mackey, Paul Meier, Anthony Sharp, Azad Ali, Norman Mitchell, Raymond Farrell, John Carlin, Gail Lidstone, Robert Raglan, Cass Allen, Roy Barraclough, Richard Shaw, Jeanette Farrier, Bobby Collins, Lesley Staples, Ted Burnett, Ted Burnett, Margaret Lacey, Alister Williamson, Pussy Galore, George Malpas, Ken Watson, Brian Godfrey, Billy Burden, Roy Kinnear, Sheila Fearn, Tony Melody, Michael Hawkins, Catherine Kessler, Dany Clare, Beatrix Mackey, Michael Wynne, John Carlin, Marjie Lawrence, Brian Murphy, Peggy Ann Clifford, Simon Lloyd, Peter Birrel, Nicholas Bond Owen, Avril Elgar, Hal Dyer, Tony Melody, Margaret Lacey, Robert Gillespie, Richard Shaw, Leonard Woodrow, Keith Smith, Mimi De Braie, Reg Lye, Billy Burden, Bill Rourke, Jimmy Thompson, Robert Raglan, Mark Holmes, Doris Kitts, Pamela Watling, Aimee Delamain, James Bond, Ewan Roberts, Harry Littlewood, Azad Ali, Ralph Ball, Lesley Staples, Ursula Granville, Rosanne Wickes, Bella Emberg, Reginald Marsh, Stan Van, Jennifer Guy, Jeanette Farrier, Gail Lidstone, Eamonn Boyce, Michael Hawkins, Reginald Marsh, Eunice Black, Queenie Watts, Johnnie Wade, Jenny Till, Michael Redfern, Doris Kitts, Sebastian Breaks, Trevor Baxter, Derek Deadman, John Lyons, Jean Rogers, Anthony Sharp, Jenny Till, Marjie Lawrence, Keith Smith, Peggy Ann Clifford, Derek Waring, Michael Maynard, Michael Wynne, Patricia Kneale, Raymond Farrell, Nina Baden-semper, Harry Littlewood, Arthur Howard, Yootha Joyce, Stella Moray, Catherine Kessler, John Harvey, Nicholas Bond-owen, Ralph Ball, Simon Lloyd, Tricia Thorns, Edward Evans, Reg Lye, Jeremy Bulloch, Cass Allen, Russell Waters, Richard Coleman, Dany Clare, Russell Waters, Paul Meier, David Neville, Tommy Barnett, Ursula Granville, Diana King, Jimmy Thompson, Maxine Horne, Robert Michaels, Rafiq Anwar, John Lyons, Veida Draisey, Derek Waring, Zulema Dene, Lionel Murton, Dennis Ramsden, Pamela Watling, James Cosmo, Blake Butler, Anthony Heaton, Gerald Case, Paul Angelis, Patsy Rowlands, Richard Coleman, Arthur Howard, Rafiq Anwar, Zulema Dene, Norman Eshley, Brian Murphy, Mike Lewin, Pussy Galore, Michael Ripper, Blake Butler, Johnnie Wade, Tim Barrett, Paul Angelis


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"George and Mildred" was originally released in .

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